“The heart of our business is our clients, and they are the source of our pride in this business.”

I would like to share with other collectors my great experience with Memory Lane Inc. It was late August 2013 and I have never participated in an online auction before other than those on eBay. I have bought from Memory Lane Inc. before but just on eBay, not a major auction. I am a fairly young guy and I only have about one year experience in card collecting so I had several questions I needed to ask to understand the procedure and to make sure I knew what I was getting into. I contacted Brad with many questions concerning the full auction process from beginning to end.

I will honestly admit I was shocked when I received Brad's first reply to me. The email was long and detailed, he answered every question thoroughly and expertly worded everything in such a way where a rookie to the card collecting hobby could clearly understand. During the last few days right up until the time of the end of the auction's regular bidding deadline I continued to email Brad with additional questions and concerns. He replied to every email thoroughly and usually within an hour or less.

I have dealt with dozens of sellers and businesses and only a small handful work with their customers in such a professional way as Memory Lane Inc. did. I look forward to their next auction and recommend them to any collector who wants to build a relationship with a great business that treats their customers like people and not just a another standard transaction.

Johnny V., Collector.