Lot # 37: Magnificent T206 Starter Set Comprised of 357 PSA Graded Cards Including 35 Hall of Famers - 3.13 Weighted GPA

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Magnificent T206 Starter Set Comprised of 357 PSA Graded Cards Including 35 Hall of Famers - 3.13 Weighted GPA

Presented here is a superb T206 starter set including 357 subjects and a formidable 3.13 Weighted GPA, currently ranked as the #30 set (68.65% complete) on the prestigious PSA T206 Set Registry (Complete T206 Player Image Set, No Wagner, Doyle "N.Y. Nat'l", Plank & "Magie"). The iconic T206 "Monster" Set certainly needs no introduction, unquestionably standing as the foremost baseball card compilation in the hobby. Synonymous with an uncontrollable brush fire, its highly celebrated stature continues to surge forward, with a seemingly infinite number of passionate hobbyists diligently pursuing the goal of assembling an entire set. When the American Tobacco Company (ATC) released their iconic tobacco issue in 1909, little did anyone realize over a century later, the 524 possible subjects would ultimately reside as an "industry leader", with its unparalleled popularity captivating an entire collecting community.

Not even prestigious issues such as the 1914 Cracker Jacks, 1933 Goudeys or 1952 Topps can remotely compare to the pinnacle distinction associated with the ATC's "Monster Set" that includes a myriad of player variations and tobacco ad back combinations that relentlessly drive the insatiable tobacco market. Some of our National Pastime's greatest early 20th century stars are represented in this offered lot including Christy Mathewson, Nap Lajoie, Eddie Collins, Cy Young, Addie Joss, Wee Willie Keeler, Ed Walsh, Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers, Frank Chance and so many more, with this star laden gathering reading like a "who's who" to baseball's "turn of the century" Cooperstown inductees. Also contributing to the T206 craze are the incredible array of sparkling/bright colored hues utilized by the various factories to promote their cigarette products.

It is unfathomable to think that many of the surviving subjects have managed to defy "Father Time", miraculously portraying aesthetically brilliant images that have bested 110+ years of potential wear. This gathering includes 357 subjects or nearly 69% of a complete 520-card compilation (less the "Big Four"), of which 35 represent Cooperstown Inductees. Most impressively, every card has been encapsulated by PSA, with the set listed on the PSA Set Registry as "MEMORYLANEINC" (a direct link to the PSA Registry is provided on our website). This outstanding offering is a remarkable stepping stone to ultimately completing the exalted T206 set, loaded with Hall of Famers and providing a myriad of cards that portray eye pleasing illustrations.


All 357 cards include technical assessments ranging between PSA "Authentic" and PSA 6 with a summary of the grades as follows: EX-MT 6 (3 Cards); EX+ 5.5 (1 Card); EX 5 (53 Cards); VG/EX+ 4.5 (25 Cards); VG/EX 4 (96 Cards); VG+ 3.5 (8 Cards); VG 3 (53 Cards); Good+ 2.5 (20 Cards); Good 2 (39 Cards); Fair 1.5 (17 Cards); Poor 1 (17 Cards); Authentic (6 Cards). Rounding out this offering are 19 cards w/Qualifiers including 3 "VG/EX 4's"; 3 "VG 3's"; 5 "Good 2's"; 1 "Fair 1.5's" and 7 "POOR 1". An impressive 178 cards (roughly 50%) of the total subjects depict grades between "VG/EX" and "EX/MT", with the aforementioned 3.13 Weighted GPA substantiating its solid VG+ stature. Even more enticing is that this colossal lot offers a significant 35 Cooperstown inductees or 46% of the possible 76 HOFs, with all 35 HOF subjects listed as follows:

Baker (3); Bender/No Trees (5); Bresnahan (2); Chance Yellow Portrait (4); Chance Batting (3.5); Chesbro (2); Clarke Bat (4); Clarke Portrait (3); E. Collins (3/MC); Crawford w/Bat/Sovereign 350 (2); Davis (4); Evers w/Bat Chicago (4); Griffith Portrait (5); Griffith Batting (4); Huggins Hands at Mouth/Amer. Beauty 350 (Auth); Jennings Both Hands (4.5); Jennings One Hand/Sovereign 350 (2); Joss Portrait (1); Keeler w/Bat (2); Lajoie Throwing (3); Marquard Follow-Thru/Polar Bear (5); Marquard Hands at Thighs (1); Marquard Portrait (2); Mathewson White Cap (1MK); McGraw Glove at Hip (1.5); McGraw Port No Cap (2); McGraw Port w/Cap/Sovereign 460 (3); Tinker Hands on Knees (1); Wallace (1.5); Walsh (4.5); Willis Portrait (4); Willis Throwing (4); Willis w/Bat (4.5); Cy Young Bare Hand Shows (1); Cy Young Glove Shows (2)

Of the 357 total subjects, 224 reflect Piedmont (43) and Sweet Caporal (181) ad backs with the remaining 133 cards include the following more obscure tobacco advertisements: American Beauty 350 (20); Cycle 350 (10); Cycle 460 (1); El Principe De Gales (15); Brown Hindu (6); Old Mill (12); Polar Bear (29); Sovereign 150 (5); Sovereign 350 (21); Sovereign 460 (2); Tolstoi (12). An extraordinary gathering, it would take an extensive period of time to compile such a vast T206 grouping with all of the cards encapsulated within PSA's renowned grading system. To reiterate, all 357 cards total to a formidable 3.13 Weighted G.P.A. and the entire grouping is listed on the illustrious PSA Registry (the set is listed under "COMPLETE PLAYER IMAGE T206 SET, NO WAGNER, DOYLE "N.Y. NAT'L", PLANK AND MAGIE" and titled: "MEMORYLANEINC" - There is a direct link to the PSA Registr provided for you on our website). As you thumb through the myriad of tobacco cards in this magnificent grouping, it conjures up awe-inspiring memories of yesteryear when a formidable group of ballplayers paved the way for a simple game of baseball to ultimately evolve into America's Pastime. Indeed, the T206 Monster Set" via its extensive number of legendary stars "turns back the clock" to an historic bygone era, effectively enabling the zealous baseball attic to feel young once again!

While all of the subjects can be viewed on the PSA Set Registry, for your convenience, we have provided the following charts that include all 357 subjects in player name alphabetical order along with their respective PSA Grades and advertisement backs.   Additional shipping charge of $75.00 applies for this lot

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