Lot # 131: The “Mays Fan Club Collection” 27-Card Basic Set (Lots 132-158) - #1 on the PSA Set Registry w/an Incredible 9.38 Set Rating/GPA with Top Pop Bonuses!

Category: 1950-1959

Starting Bid: $120,000.00

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(LOT 131)
The "Mays Fan Club Collection" 27-Card Basic Set (Lots 132-158) - #1 on the PSA Set Registry w/an Incredible 9.38 Set Rating/GPA with Top Pop Bonuses!

To Be Auctioned as BOTH A Complete Set and Individual Subjects with the highest Final Bid Total Determining the Final Sale -

Incorporated in the extraordinary "Mays Fan Club Collection" Master Set is a magnificent 27-card "Basic Sub-Set" that likewise reigns supreme on the PSA Set Registry. Indeed, the 27 mainstream "Say Hey Kid" cards include all of his basic Bowman (1951, '52, '54, '55) and Topps (1952 – 1973) subjects, as well as the seldom surfacing 1963 Fleer issue. These 27 cards tally to an incredible 9.38 Set Rating/GPA with Top Pop Bonuses, with its #1 PSA Set Registry stature besting its closest competitor by a staggering 1.29 grade disparity! As the introductory description clearly indicates, while a majority of the 282 cards from the Master Set are being offered as individual lots (w/the exception of a few cards that have been placed in group lots), we have ultimately decided to offer the 27-basic set cards as a single sub-set as well, with the HIGHEST final bid for either the complete 27-card lot or 27 individual card tally ultimately determining the final sale. Amazingly, the 27-card basic set includes a staggering 7 "Gem Mint 10" and 16 "Mint 9" subjects, with the remaining grades including 1 "NM/MT+ 8.5, and 3 "NM/MT 8's.

Along with those awe-inspiring PSA assessments is the likewise miraculous "Pop" Chart data that reveals 17 of the cards standing tall as highest graded examples, with an additional 3 examples bested by only a single specimen. Synonymous with these unfathomable statistics is Willie Mays' unparalleled standing in baseball history, with the "Say Hey Kid" arguably regarded as the finest "5-tool" player the game has ever seen. Mays could hit safely, field, throw run and hit with power as good or better than anyone who ever graced a baseball diamond, with his iconic stature elevating his cardboard collectibles to a pinnacle level. All of these cards portray immaculate-like aesthetics; including sparkling hues, pinpoint corners, crystal clear clarity, and gleaming surfaces. To provide the hobbyist with a clear understanding of this basic set's spectacular standing, the following chart provides a complete list of all 27 cards, along with their respective PSA world-class grades and formidable "Pop" chart standing. As previously stated, following this complete 27-card basic set offering are the same 27 subjects being offered as separate lots, with the highest bid amount ultimately determining if the set sells as a total compilation or as individual cards.

Subject PSA Grade Pop Comments Subject PSA Grade Pop Comments
1951 Bowman #305 8 Only 9 Graded Higher 1962 Topps #300 9 Only 1 Graded Higher
1952 Bowman #218 9 Highest Graded 1963 Topps #300 9 Only 1 Graded Higher
1952 Topps #261 8 Only 11 Graded Higher 1963 Fleer #5 10 Highest Graded
1953 Topps #244 8.5 Only 3 Graded Higher 1964 Topps #150 10 Highest Graded
1954 Bowman #89 9 Highest Graded 1965 Topps #250 9 Only 2 Graded Higher
1954 Topps #90 9 Highest Graded 1966 Topps #1 9 Highest Graded
1955 Bowman #184 9 Highest Graded 1967 Topps #200 9 Highest Graded
1955 Topps #194 9 Highest Graded 1968 Topps #50 10 Highest Graded
1956 Topps #130 9 Highest Graded 1969 Topps #190 10 Highest Graded
1957 Topps #10 9 Highest Graded 1970 Topps #600 10 Highest Graded
1958 Topps #5 8 Only 5 Graded Higher 1971 Topps #600 9 Highest Graded
1959 Topps #50 9 Only 4 Graded Higher 1972 Topps #49 10 Highest Graded
1960 Topps #200 9 Only 2 Graded Higher 1973 Topps #305 10 Highest Graded
1961 Topps #150 9 Only 1 Graded Higher      

MIN BID $120,000

MLI is offering The "Mays Fan Club Collection" - #1 on the PSA Set Registry in an alternative selling format. All Lots numbered from 132-158 will be sold individually to the highest bidder, unless Lot # 131's hammer price exceeds the hammer price of Lots 132-158 combined cumulative total. In which case, the cards would be sold as a set. Once bidding starts, the green check mark below simply designates which format has the current high bid. In case of a tie - the set wins.

Lot 131 (Set Total):  $200,000
Lot 132-158 (Individual Card Total):  $197,056

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